We are situated on 40 acres in the hills behind Narangba, Queensland. We have owned the property for 20 years and bred Alpacas for 6 years.

We have Suri Alpaca (long dreadlocks) and Huacaya Alpaca (soft afro) in black, white, brown and fawns. At the moment we have five stud males, a black Suri, black Huacaya, two fawn Suris and joint ownership of a brown Suri who resides in Queensland for six months of the year and they are all available for outside mating.

Our aim is to improve the fleeces with each generation and so we attend all the local shows in order to get outside opinions on our Alpaca's from both judges and fellow breeders. Each year we have had better results, with 2010 achieving several supreme ribbons and Queensland Suri of the Year and Queensland Huacaya of the Year.

If you are thinking of owning Alpacas or are looking for new lines for your existing flock, we will be happy to show you around our farm.

We will have Alpacas for sale in the coming year. We also have a few pet quality alpacas for lawn mowing.

Suri or Huacaya

Huacaya Alpacas are probably the ones most people think of when talking about alpacas, they are the ones with the big fluffy fleeces. Most alpacas in the world are Huacaya types.

Suri alpacas are the ones with long dreadlock type fleeces and are less common, although in recent years their numbers have increased greatly in Australia. They look no different once they have been shorn.

Suri's sometimes seem more jumpy than huacayas but that is possibly because of their long head hair which often covers their eyes and it is usually a good idea to trim the hair around the alpacas eyes so they can see better.

Suri's are allowed two years fleece for showing to get the length on the fleece, whereas huacayas are only allowed one year. Unless your suri is to be shown, it is still better to have them shorn every year.