We are situated on 40 acres in the hills behind Narangba, Queensland. We have owned the property for 20 years and bred Alpacas for 6 years.

We have Suri Alpaca (long dreadlocks) and Huacaya Alpaca (soft afro) in black, white, brown and fawns. At the moment we have five stud males, a black Suri, black Huacaya, two fawn Suris and joint ownership of a brown Suri who resides in Queensland for six months of the year and they are all available for outside mating.

Our aim is to improve the fleeces with each generation and so we attend all the local shows in order to get outside opinions on our Alpaca's from both judges and fellow breeders. Each year we have had better results, with 2010 achieving several supreme ribbons and Queensland Suri of the Year and Queensland Huacaya of the Year.

If you are thinking of owning Alpacas or are looking for new lines for your existing flock, we will be happy to show you around our farm.

We will have Alpacas for sale in the coming year. We also have a few pet quality alpacas for lawn mowing.

About Alpacas

Alpacas are a member of the camelid family which includes Camel, Llama, Alpaca, Vicuna and Guanaco.

Alpacas are farmed extensively in South America, their homeland, and the Australian herd is made up of the progeny of imports from Peru and Chile.

In South America alpacas are farmed for their fleece, known there as "the fibre of the Gods" and also for their meat.

In Australia alpacas are farmed almost exclusively for their fleece which has a silk like quality and is soft and cool to the touch and comfortable next to the skin without the itchiness sometimes experienced with wool.

There is the beginnings of an alpaca meat market for restaurants in Australia and for export under the name La Viande http://www.Laviande.com.au It is a delicious, fat free meat and therefore a healthy choice.